times tables
Thursday July 10th 2014, 12:34 pm
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1×10 10                   1×5 5                1×20 20

2×10 20                  2×5 10              2×20 40

3×10 30                  3×5 15               3×20 60

4×10 40                  4×5 20              4×20 80

5×10 50                  5×5 25               5×20 100

6×10 60                 6×5  30              6×20 120

7×10 70                 7×5 35                7×20 140

8×10 80                8×5 40               8×20 160

9×10 90                9×5 45               9×20 180

10×10 100             10×5 50            10×20 200

the park by Natasha and Kiera
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Today after school,us Kiera & natasha are going to red catch park.At the park,we have a secret den that we can’t tell you any more or it would not be a secret!!!!!While we are at the park,we will also play and make new things for our den.Our mums will be sitting on the bench as usal ‘LAZY PANTS!!!!!’ After a while we are going to go round each others houses. And we are going to practice for the talent show!!!!!We are going to sing and dance to frozen do you want to bulid a snow man.We have been practicing at home and in school.And today we will practic until the day comes!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Mine turtle by Ethan and Sami
Thursday July 10th 2014, 12:31 pm
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Once upon a mine turtle there was a mine turtle called mine turtle who lived in a mine which was packed with Minecraft stuff his little brother was called mine turtle jr. and his dad is called bomb turtle

he went to many distant adventures aka blowing things up. hello, hello , hello uh oh booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

we are experiencing technical difficulty beeeep

8 times table by Kasia
Sunday June 22nd 2014, 9:02 pm  Tagged
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1 times 8=8

2 times 8=16

3 times 8=24

4 times 8=32

5 times 8=40

6 times 8=48

7 times 8=56

8 times 8=64

9 times 8=72

10 times 8=80

three little pigs by Ethan
Wednesday May 14th 2014, 7:52 am  Tagged
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Once upon a time in a world of catastrophies there was three little pigs called beautiful Bob, honest Harry and another Aron.One day,they were climbing a tree when a apple fell on bob’s head “ow!”bob wined,”That hurt…” When Bob next woke up he was in a strange looking house “where am I” bob groaned. “Don’t worry we found a nearby house.For rent” screamed harry.

That night bob went down stairs to watch TV but he got a bit hungry so he decided to get a midnight feast.there was a noise he walked into the kitchen…they were out of crisps oh wait no there was a wolf!!! He jumped out of the cupboard and chased him round the kitchen then he calapsed with exaustion “time out” “time out” “mmmm this hamburgers is nice” then he chased him around the kitchen again and again.Finally it was over, the wolf grabbed him and took him away into a cave!

The next morning, harry and Aron woke up to find that their brother bob wasn’t there.They were shocked, well if eating spare crisps means worried then yes they were worried…

If you enjoyed this story I’m going to do a part two…

Professer Creeper by Liberty
Thursday May 08th 2014, 4:24 pm  Tagged
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On a dark and stormy night, about 10:0o when Lizzy’s mum shouted, “Lizzy time for bed!” Reluctuntley, Lizzy pulled herself off the lime sofa, slowly walked up the old creeky stairs and into the bedroom she went. But Lizzy couldn’t get get asleep with her mum and dad laughing really loudly at there faviroute programe. At about 3:00 Lizzy woke up again but this time, it wasn’t her mum and dad that woke her up….

Bravely, Lizzy slowly stepped down the old creaky stairs to see what was making that loud CCCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Suddently, Lizzy maneged to get a glimps of this terror trying to steal various diffrent things. This terrible thing unsupprisingly saw Lizzy, that didn’t suprise her at all. As quick as a wink, Lizzy ran up the the stairs but kept falling down again and she didn’t know why. But the robber just grabbed her by the leg and pulled her down the old creeky stairs. Suddenly, Lizzy’s sine began to tingle  as she realised how was trying to steal her… It was… Proffeser Creeper!!!!! Lizzy nearly fainted as she found out a horrible discovery. When she got up a shiver ran down her spine.Proffeser Creeper grabbed Lizzy and threw her into a brown bag… Lizzy knew he was going to steal her and take her to some secret labatory and turn her into a evil worker to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lizzy was then put in a boot of a car, witch could only be Professer Creepers car I mean who elses car could it be?? Suddenly, she heard a sort of sob Lizzy just said “Is anybody there?”

No answer. Lizzy then realized the noise was just the engine making the noise. Scared, Lizzy wonderd what would happen to her… Suddenly, the car stopped with a loud CRRRRAAASSSSHHH!!! Lizzies head wacked hardily on the seat and began to bleed. “Ouch!” Lizzie screamed, whilst holding her head. Proffeser Creeper grabbed Lizzy and threw her out of the old rusty car and onto the floor, witch only made her head feel worse. Proffeser Creeper threw Lizzy into some underground labatory, like Lizzy had predicted. Lizzy got strapped to some sort of mindwasher machine.

Lizzy wished she could see or hear her mum and dad’s voice, because if she could she would be very greatful. While Lizzy was day dreaming, Proffeser Creeper was straping Lizzy to this awful machine to turn her into a catapillar to capture people so he could take over the world… what is going on? ;Lizzy wonderd to herself  hoping she wouldn’t DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

find out in my next blog proffeser creeper part 2



proffesor creeper by Ethan
Wednesday May 07th 2014, 4:22 pm  Tagged
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Ever heard of proffesor creeper.He’s the most dangerous teacher ever because if you make him angry he’ll EXPLODE!!!

.How to not get blown up by proffesor creeper.

.1 get a fake steve head and give itb to him asuming its a real head.

.2 buy the game MINECRAFT!!!

.3 find a companian for him.

.4 get the heck out of there.

.How to kill proffesor creeper.

.1 play relaxing music

.2 unknown???

What I want for my birthday by Ethan
Wednesday May 07th 2014, 4:21 pm
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1.Lego minecraft

2.Adventure time game

3.pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinatity


5.minecraft pokemon mod ( pixelmon )



Gravity Falls Decoding by Sami
Tuesday April 29th 2014, 7:50 am  Tagged
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Gravity falls is my most  favourite animation cartoon

Decoding is very hard, but if you have the bill cipher decoding system,it will be really easy for you.Gravity falls was made by Alex Hirsch.All characters in Gravity falls are Dipper,Mabel,Grukle Stan,Soos,old man mugucket,Wendy and Gideon.


vwdq lv qrw zkdw kh vhhpv

stan is not what he seems

xvh wkh duarz iru fdhvduollp rmgl gsv szg uli zgyzhs ????

hftvi pzoz uiztz orhgix ct zoz wlhrlfh

super kala fraga listic xp ala dosious!!

The Battle of Labyrnth by Thirdy
Saturday April 12th 2014, 2:29 pm  Tagged
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A day away from the war Tifus trained and trained for the big battle at Labyrnth.He hoped that he would be back in time for his brothers wedding which he promised to come to the day he left for destructive war.As Tifus hoped and hoped it began to rain and thunder came down from the dark sky.

As the army approached the cavern he saw a shadow “the galatians”he whispered.”RETREAT” he shouted as the arrows from the galatian archers  came down upon them had been shot through the leg and severe damage caused to his body “ahhh”he screamed in pain.For his army he kept the galatians away until they captured him with a net “surrender now or die!”the galatian general offered “never”he replied “ok then,kill him”he ordered.Skillfully he made a run for his city Labyrnth and told the guards they were at war with the galatians.

Soon the galatians arrived at the armed city and began shooting flaming arrows “AHHH”citizens screamed as the fire caught on the houses.”FIRE”Tifus ordered as cannonballs and arrows cameback at the galatians.Suddenly a huge rock golem appeared and destroyed the city wall “RAHH”it screamed as it destroyed buildings and squashed people.Angrily Tifus ran on the wall and jumped onto the rock golem then stabbed it through the heart with his holy sword.Suddenly all the galatians turned into thin air and disappeared and all the citizens cheered “yay!”.

The End

by Thirdy